TMF Corporate Education

Trained professionals are the foundation for maintaining an inspection ready TMF, as they have the knowledge and skills necessary to accurately and efficiently complete TMF tasks. The LMK Corporate Education Program is a portfolio of non-accredited courses designed to increase knowledge and address common gaps or deficiencies amongst all TMF stakeholders. Organizations that want to elevate the knowledge and skills of their TMF stakeholders will benefit from this program, which is designed for all levels of TMF experience and contribution. Whether participants are newer to the TMF or have years of experience, whether they complete many TMF related tasks daily or only complete TMF tasks every so often, the TMF Corporate Education Program will provide valuable information to all stakeholders.

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Introductory Courses

TMF Overview

Document Quality Control (QC)

TMF Indexing

Intermediate Courses

TMF Quality Control

Audit and Inspection Readiness

Advanced Courses

Current Regulations

TMF Process Best Practices

TMF Metrics