LMK Clinical Research Consulting, LLC To Offer Expert Instruction On Trial Master File (TMF) Training In Online xTalks Course

06 October 2015, Huntersville, North Carolina

-LMK Clinical Research Consulting, LLC (LMK)  announces a collaboration with Xtalks eCademy to launch a new best-in-class virtual training course this October for life science professionals who are eager to learn best practices and trusted strategies for achieving excellence in their Trial Master File (TMF).

Sholeh Ehdaivand, an industry expert, who is equipped with real-world experience and armed with the latest tips, tools and best practices to ensure your ongoing TMF success will conduct the online course. Registrants will have the opportunity to participate in online polls and will be given a content-related quiz that tests their comprehension and reinforces key learning concepts followed by an interactive Q&A    session. Participants will earn a Certificate of Completion equal to Education Credits of 2.0 post training.

Sholeh stated, “Historically, the Trial Master File (or TMF) has been a place (typically a banker’s box or a set of file folders) where documents are filed and never looked at again until there is a regulatory inspection or audit. And typically, every document collected is filed without thought to document quality, filing order or the overall completeness to the files.  Today, technology allows us to see our documents immediately without rummaging through dusty boxes or paper files. Unfortunately, technology alone cannot answer all of the questions regarding quality and completeness.  This session will define the Trial Master File, why it’s important and offer best practices for unmasking the important role that the Trial Master File plays in the clinical trial continuum, including setting-up, maintaining and closing out a Trial Master File regardless of the Trial Master File medium. Attendees will also learn how to become a Trial Master File champion for their respective organization.”

Xtalks eCademy provides a unique, best-in-class virtual learning experience for companies and individuals who wish to stay informed about recent developments in the life science industry.

The online training course will be held Friday, October 23, 2015 from 12-2pm EDT. To register and find more     information click here.