LMK Clinical Research Consulting: Sustainable Processes for Clinical Trial Quality

March 2017, Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine – From being stored in cardboard boxes, to sophisticated online databases, the Trial Master File (TMF) has always been an essential component in every clinical trial, despite the evolution. Based on the singular belief that the TMF is the foundation of every clinical trial, Sholeh Ehdaivand has dedicated 15 years of her career to mastering clinical trials, TMF subject matter and management, ultimately founding LMK Clinical Research Consulting in 2013. “We are a group of professionals who have come together on the belief that the TMF is the most important deliverable of a clinical trial and everything that we do stems for that certainty.” says Sholeh, Principal Consultant, CEO and President of LMK Clinical Research Consulting. “If a clinical trial is a “daisy” the TMF is the eye and everything stems from the eye of the daisy.”


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