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Self-Paced Online Training

LMK’s Core Principles of TMF Management is a self-paced, online learning program designed to equip those new to the TMF with the foundational knowledge needed to ensure an inspection-ready TMF.  Each of our non-accredited courses has been distilled down to the foundational concepts that are critical to successful TMF Management. Enrolling in our online courses allows learners to complete their TMF training at their own pace and convenience.

What Students Are Saying

In the Current Regulations module, it was interesting to see how the regulatory guidance directly impacts how we are supposed to manage the TMF. - Alex S.

It was pretty cool being able to test my knowledge approving and failing documents in the Document QC module! - Sarah W.

I loved that I was able to access the modules on my phone while waiting to board a flight. - Lisa S.

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Unlimited Access to One Account


6-month access to 8 course modules $699

6-month access to a single course module $99 per module

For Organizations

Unlimited Access up to 50 Accounts


6-month access to 8 course modules

Up to 15 users - $5,999

16-30 users - $7,999

31-50 users - $9,999

6-month access to a single course

Up to 15 users - $799 per module

16-30 users - $999 per module

31-50 users - $1299 per module


Introductory Courses

TMF Overview

Better understand what the Trial Master File is: who contributes to it; where it's stored; when it is produced and why it is critical to the success of a clinical trial.

Document Quality Control (QC)

Learn Good Documentation Practices (GDocP) and how to perform document QC efficiently.

TMF Indexing

Understand proper document filing, indexing, and maintenance techniques for effective TMF management.

Intermediate Courses

TMF Quality Control

Develop a comprehensive approach to TMF QC to ensure your TMF is complete, timely, and of the highest quality.

Audit and Inspection Readiness

Prepare effectively for audits and inspections, minimizing compliance risks.

Advanced Courses

Current Regulations

Stay up to date with recent regulations and learn how to incorporate regulatory requirements into TMF management.

TMF Process Best Practices

Optimize TMF processes for efficiency, aligning people, processes, and technology.

TMF Metrics

Implement a robust TMF Metrics Program to measure TMF health and drive improvement.


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