Who Needs TMF Choice?

As a TMF professional have you ever struggled to explain to others that your job isn’t simply filing paperwork? When managing a TMF have you ever been forced to use a software platform that is no longer fit for purpose but permanently entrenched in a critical business process? Have you ever attended an eTMF platform sales pitch misidentified as eTMF education? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you are among the many TMF professionals in dire need of TMF Choice.

More than making the day-to-day role of a TMF professional challenging, declining TMF Choice threatens the productivity and feasibility of the traditional model of clinical research by limiting innovation and increasing administrative burden. At LMK Clinical Research Consulting, we believe that every TMF professional deserves TMF Choice. We have also taken, and continue to take, pioneering steps to preserve and expand TMF Choice in all aspects of the life sciences industry.

Not sure what TMF Choice is? Skeptical that TMF Choice will ever become a reality? Read on to learn our definition of TMF Choice, why TMF Choice must be protected, and how LMK Clinical Research Consulting is continually advancing its initiative to preserve and expand TMF Choice for all.

What is TMF Choice?

TMF Choice is the freedom that allows a TMF professional to prospectively and positively shape the narrative within the TMF. A TMF professional who possesses TMF Choice has open access to the industry leading knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for TMF health. TMF Choice also means that a TMF professional is free from unnecessary restrictions on these resources based on business affiliation or personal background. TMF Choice promises every TMF professional the autonomy and means to pursue TMF health, putting the integrity of clinical trial data and the wellbeing of clinical trial subjects ahead of any secondary commercial concerns.

How Can TMF Choice Be Preserved?

Today’s TMF professionals must have advanced skills in project management and clinical operations oversight to meet the ever-increasing expectations of regulators. The only solution to close the TMF skills gap in the life science industry is to empower TMF professionals with the TMF Choice necessary to pursue industry-leading knowledge, skills, and tools regardless of their chosen eTMF platform, size of their employer, or financial means. Inspiring TMF professionals to attain TMF Choice requires the commitment of the entire community:

  • On a personal level, TMF professionals must individually adopt the growth mindset necessary for lifelong learning.
  • On an organizational level, clinical operations leaders must dispense with the harmful prejudice that all TMF roles are administrative in nature and foster a culture that encourages TMF excellence through continual investment in both high-quality TMF tools and effective TMF education.
  • Across the entire life sciences industry, TMF service providers and thought leaders must promote an open-source mindset that fosters collaboration, interoperability, and cross-platform harmonization.

TMF Choice will only thrive if valued on all levels of TMF culture.

LMK Clinical Research Consulting’s Commitment to TMF Choice

At LMK Clinical Research Consulting, it is our mission to promote TMF education that is free from affiliation with one particular eTMF platform or model of TMF health. Our training materials (including TMF University, the first and only internationally recognized and accredited certification program for working TMF professionals) and TMF services are unaffiliated with any eTMF platform. In other words, we prepare you to work with any and every TMF, not just eTMFs in the platform your employer has chosen.

By equipping the next generation of skilled TMF professionals to implement—and perhaps even create—the next great TMF innovation, we believe we are taking a powerful step towards eliminating the TMF skills gap and realizing the transformative promise of eTMF technology. All of which, of course, is in service of our industry’s shared goal: to unite patients speedily and safely with our most promising and innovative treatments.