• Customized TMF Solutions

    We are an eTMF agnostic company and are fullly trained in all of the major eTMF technologies. If you need to streamline your TMF process and want to have your TMF content in one electronic repository, we can help. Our experienced resources will migrate your TMF content quickly and efficiently ensuring instant access to your trial content.

  • TMF University

    Our Unique Training Program Is Designed In Individual Modules Which Allows You To Select Only What You Need. Your Individual Training Program Can Be Customized With Modules From The Different Experience Levels. TMF University Can Provide The Foundational Knowledge Required To Understand The TMF.

  • LMK Complete

    LMK Complete Is A Strategic, Step-By-Step Process That Ensures Inspection Readiness For Your TMF. Our TMF Experts Will Initiate A Quality Control (QC) Plan And Create A Customized TMF QC Checklist To Ensure All Required Documents Are Available. After A Review, We Will Take Inventory Of Your TMF And Contrast It To Your Expectations. We Will Also Review The Inventory For Any Documents That Require Remediation. We Will Continue Remediation Efforts Until All Findings Are Resolved, And Track Resolutions Per The QC Plan. We Continuously Review All Ongoing Work And Maintain Communications To Ensure Quality And To Gauge Progress, While Swiftly Resolving Any Issues That Arise. Completion Results In Providing A QC Summary And Certification Of Inspection Readiness.