At LMK, we believe the Trial Master File (TMF) is the foundation of every clinical trial, and a strong foundation is key to the overall health and stability of any clinical program. That is why LMK takes a proactive approach and makes TMF quality a top priority on an ongoing basis - from start through closeout - not just pending an inspection or completion. Don't let your TMF be a document collection burden at the end of a trial! It is a management tool throughout the life of your trial. LMK can help you plan, collect, and maintain your clinical trial content cost effectively without jeopardizing quality.

Give your TMF the priority it deserves and contact us today to discuss how we can help you to more efficiently manage your documents.

Our Mission

Simplify the documentation of clinical research to accelerate new health solutions for humanity.

Core Values

  • Innovation drives partnership. Partnership drives relationships. Relationships drive success.

  • Champion mutual trust among employees, associates, clients and management. Attract, employ, and retain the best employees who exemplify our culture. Provide an environment of growth - personal and professional. Honesty and integrity in all relationships. Commitment to making it fun.

  • Engagement with our clients, employees, vendor partners and our community in a way that moves us all towards success.

  • People are the foundation of LMK's success: our clients, our employees, our vendors, and most importantly the public we all serve.

  • "To whom much is given, much is required!" We will exceed our share.

  • Our company success will be validated by the clients we retain, the growth and retention of our employees, our value in the community and the fair profit we make to sustain the company and its shareholders.

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